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Default Re: Why I love the blues, great SRV video

Hey Larry,
I've played guitar for over 25 years.....was a huge SRV fan, among many others. I believe this is from the, "Austin City Limits" series....a wonderful concert, if memory serves.

Yep....just went looking, here ya go....

the great ones always make it look so easy.....

This was right around the time SRV put out the Tightrope album....he was really making a nice comeback (getting clean)....unfortunately, I tried 3x to see him, but tickets we're always sold out...I didn't try too hard to get any, and just figured I'd catch him next time. I remember the news of his death.....just awful...... remember Clapton was supposed to be on that helicopter, but gave up the seat to an exhausted Vaughn. That just killed me, I was sooooo into that album at the time, I was on my way to purchasing a big Marshall full-stack that day, when the news hit my radio.....devestating. A wonderful talent indeed, and definately gone before his time....the best was yet to come from him.

Lastly, if you appreciate great musicians...other than is, just an supreme performance from another this song!!!
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