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Hello everyone.....
Just an announcement about my new Signature Edition Axis A21 Bass Drum pedal.
Here's is the link....

Myself and the Axis company put our heads together in respects to drummers feeling that the A pedal is too light for them.
A simple angle change of the beater going into the #1 axle piece....was all that was needed.

The 21 degree angle the pedal more acceleration in the WAY MORE power.
They also upgraded all the allen keys screws....with drum key screws.

There are 2 separate designs of the new model (which has the older style footboard and comes with the E kits for triggering) and, the regular A21has a new "wide heel" board designed for heel toe players.

If you're a Axis fan....definitely check these out.......and if the light feel of the pedal was too not your thing.....check em' out now.

What a difference a simple angle change makes.

Cheers everyone.
Derek Roddy
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