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Default Re: Why I love the blues, great SRV video

I can't take credit for entertaining you, man it was all Stevie. Being as visibly convicted as that man is a rare sight indeed. He plays with such testosterone, as every man should.

You kind of have to play "sedately" to blues for it to work right. Otherwise, you'd be stepping on a great performance. When Stevie is "talking" (or any soloist) I don't like to "interrupt". Support for sure, but don't steal the spotlight at all. It's just common courtesy. Blues is not a drummers showcase, not at all, it about how good you can do a thankless job.
Kinda like Ringo. When he plays, it's easy to say, Oh man if I was playing that, I would have played "this" instead. The thing is, when you go ahead and try to play "this" you realize that Ringo knew what "NOT" to play.
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