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Default Re: Why I love the blues, great SRV video

Originally Posted by mrmike View Post
When I think of Chris Layton's playing I think of his great Texas shuffle. Cold Shot is one of the best shufles ever IMO.
Agree. When you hear that you can see why SRV joined forces with him.

Originally Posted by Aydee
I heard SRV in a small dive called Dan Lynch's in NYC in the early 80s. The man was so electrifying, there was absolutely no chance of noticing anything else. Gooseflesh stuff...
Yeah, he was a classic example of a true natural - the music just poured out of him. I love post Hendrix guitarist/band leaders - SRV, Robin Trower, Lenny Kravitz. We may not see the likes of those people again in the big league.

In Oz there is a blues guitarist - Jeff Lang - who is outstanding. I saw an outdoors gig of his last year. I hadn't heard them before at all and, tragically, was doing the usual moron drummer thing of mainly checking out the drummer, who was a fine player. However, the sound, style and vibe coming from Jeff's guitar was so compelling that it even dragged this pathetic drum tragic's attention to him.

Jeff is another natural ... like SRV, everything he plays on guitar is infused with a little bit of magic. Thoroughly recommended for blues fans who aren't purists ... his group went off on some pretty wild psychedelic improvisational raves.
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