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Default Re: Why I love the blues, great SRV video

larryace;663516 It's funny I got into blues music soley from the love of the guitar sounds. I thought blues chords played on a Strat was probably the best sound I had ever heard
67'Strat running clean, just a little compression and little chorus thru a tube amp, an old Twin Reverb maybe...yup, that'lll do it for me too.
During my Rolling Stones/ Grand Funk/ Deep Purple/Uriah Heep days, Phil Zuzi played a BB King tune on my acoustic guitar and I heard a major 7th chord for the first time in my life.It changed my life forever.

On the Layton thing, I heard SRV in a small dive called Dan Lynch's in NYC in the early 80s. The man was so electrifying, there was absolutely no chance of noticing anything else. Gooseflesh stuff...


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