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Default Re: My band is heading into the studio - Press release

Originally Posted by ANIMALBEATS View Post
This man and his son just may have updated us on how the tour was progressing and how their acoodation was settled (perhaps with posts made by thoes who accommodated them, detailing their stay and any funny events that may have occured) leading them to become valued members. This to me had scope to make a great thread and may have been humorous and interesting.
He may well have kept us updated....only he knows. But I think the fact that he only posted in a couple of threads that related directly to his son's tour, spoke volumes. There was no other posts on any other topic.......same can't be said for Naigewron, he hangs out here all the time. He's not asking for, or selling anything, merely sharing some news with DW that he's quite rightly excited about.

Personally, I'm not bothered by the approach that the other bloke used, but clearly someone was, hence the thread was closed. But I do think a guy who's been here for ages, posting on the boards that he's about to record in the US with a 'name' producer, is entirely different.

No 'gang mentality' in my post Animal......I just dont' see the parallels that you've drawn, between the two.

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