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Default Re: iPad; Your thoughts about it

Originally Posted by boomstick View Post
I'm a longtime Apple fan, but this product leaves me quite mystified. Others have already pointed out that it falls between an iPhone and a MacBook, but is inferior to both in terms of pocketability (iPhone) and usability (MacBook). How did the powers-that-be at Apple think this was a good idea when the average consumer quickly determines that it was not? I predict this will be a total bust, and will eventually be added to the shortlist of Apple bombs.
I kind of wondered about that also. Im sure that Apple did market research and they know this too. How could they not?
Apple seems to come out with a lot of products that don't appeal to the masses.
I still love my MacBook! Even though I paid twice as much for it as I would have for a competitors similar laptop.
I guess that when you have a product bass that is so popular, You have the freedom to take large risks.
Apple must feel that they are filling a void in the marketplace with the iPad. The people that really want one will buy it and they will like it. Im sure that it will work well.
I kind of like old drums:)

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