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Everyone's experience is different and mine was somewhat unique. I've been playing professionally since age 6 starting out with my older brothers. Have older brothers as musicians meant that I was able to meet other older musicians through their networking as well and I've been working steadily as a musician since age 13 and never had any other job for a day. I've been quite fortunate in that regard.

I know you have my dvd, and in the "For the right reasons" section, you know that I've said that everything that has accelerated my career has come from the recommendations of other musicians. So you need to have some money set aside to go out a lot in Stockholm and meet other musicians. This means having money to pay cover charge, food and drinks, parking, etc. You need to play with as many people as you can and be patient as you become acquainted with certain circles of players in town. Take every gig and treat it seriously. Be early, be ready, and leave everyone happy that you were there---musically and personally.

That's my best advice for now!

Cheers from cold Texas,
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