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Default Re: Why I love the blues, great SRV video

Ooh yeah. SRV has that classic Jimi-ish tone and attack.

Larry, like you, I'm not crazy about Chris Layton's drumming although I would gladly accept his time, tempo, feel, sound and dynamics any day.

But as a music fan, when it comes to three-piece groups I like a bit more action from the drummer - think Mitch Mitchell, John Densmore, Stewart Copeland. Ok, different music, but in some of SRV's numbers you get the feeling that someone like Mitch could have helped take it to another level - that extra fire and creativity. Sorry Bob. Not being as brilliant as Mitch is hardly a disgrace :)

I thought the drumming on Couldn't Stand the Weather was super-tasty, though. An old band of mine covered that number for a while ... it's one of the most fun grooves to play ever IMO!
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