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Default Re: Ryan Van Poederooyen

Originally Posted by JoeyHWaters View Post

I had the pleasure of seeing you and DTP in Louisville, KY a few weeks back. I was very impressed with your playing. It has to be difficult to emote from behind the drums and stick to the click as well as you do, especially with the extremely passionate music that Devin writes. By the way, what exactly are you hearing through the headphones while playing the set?

I think that my favorite chops from you have been the intro to Supercrush, and the entire song Triumph, I also really dig the short 'solo' section towards the end of Numbered.

I hope to see you again in a headlining capacity with DTP in the near future.

Take care,

Thanks for the kind words Joey, much appreciated!

To answer your question - What do I hear thru my headphones when playing live?

I'm listening to Click Track, Dev's guitar and vocals... that's it. The Click Track is mixed higher than anything else of course and I have everything else in my mix mixed pretty low.

It's weird after playing to the click for the first 30 seconds, I don't even notice it the rest of the show unless there are breaks in songs and stuff. When you play with a click for many years like I have, it really becomes second nature, which is great because I can have fun drumming instead of focusing on the click track. 'By Your Command' from Ziltoid is always a fun challenge live when it comes to the click... that's the one song in a couple parts where I actually do need to focus on the click to make sure I'm right on time with the samples coming out the front end. Good times overall though!

Thanks for the support and like I said in the previous post, there are talks of us doing a headlining tour in October '10..... nothing confirmed yet but stay posted!


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