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Default Re: CZARCIE KOPYTO - best double bass pedal in the world

Originally Posted by Les Ismore View Post
With the docking station, you basically just have to get the bass drum where you want it to be and viola!

Like I said, only good if its your bass drum and there's a Docking Station already lined-up on the hoop. I have a Giant Step, I know all about Docking Station. Its a little chore to center perfectly on the hoop and practically 'unless' it stays on the hoop.
I also use the giant step. I have a docking station on each of my bass drums and it works great in that application. I didn't find it hard to center and they never come off or get loose. They're solid. Makes setting up quicker and easier too.

However, I agree, if youhave to use your pedal on lots of different bass drums it's probably not the best idea. For me it it's prefect.
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