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Default Re: What should you be doing instead of being on dw

Originally Posted by zildjank09 View Post
well instead of leaving replys on here earlier this evening i should have left work on time so my girlfriend could give me the usuall nightly call. She wasn`t going to bother this evening but i told her to call as i love to hear her voice.
My phone went at the usuall time but i didn`t answer it because i was to busy sending my message on here.
Evevtually rang her back and told her i was in the loo.
Now tonight she has been on here and seen that instead of sending her the usuall text to say i`m on my way home, so we could chat.
All along i was on here.
Times on threads are not a good a good thing.
How do i get out of that one!!
I can`t really can I!

Ha ha, I like it..................
Drumming the fine art of violence.
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