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Default Re: CZARCIE KOPYTO - best double bass pedal in the world

Originally Posted by Les Ismore View Post
I have a few suggestions to improve on the Trick's design that come from competitor models: ... A docking station, like the Sonor Giant Steps that allow for quick mounting and dismounting from the bass drum hoops

What could be quicker than the TRICK spring loaded lever for detaching from the BD hoop?

Docking Station is only good if you use the same bass drum every time.
Nah, man, docking station is the fastest way to mount a pedal to a drum especially since there's no spurs on the trick, as soon as it touches the carpet, it's stuck in place. Then you gotta lift up the front of your bass drum and drag it to the pedal, excaserbated by the bass drum spurs dragging or if rack toms are in the way of the bass drum (trust me, i have a huge drum cage with this problem and i have to go through this pain in the arse every time i mount my TRICK). With the docking station, you basically just have to get the bass drum where you want it to be and viola! 2 seconds later, the pedal is in place without the aggravation. Additional docking stations are like 48 bucks i think, which is nothing for somebody who can buy a 700 dollar (or in the case of the GMP-4 middle, $1300) pedal. Hell if the trick offered it as standard on the detonator, every single one of my bass drums (6 total for 4 kits) would have the docking station mounted on the bass drum.
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