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Default Re: My band is heading into the studio - Press release

Originally Posted by ANIMALBEATS View Post
Im happy for you, dont like your music, and find it strange a big producer would be interested in you. (I dont mean to offend)

I'm assuming this thread should be "closed" considering other peoples attempts to plug their or more acuratley their sons band have been. (which i find grossly unfair)
Interesting take on this, why should it be closed do you reckon? For mine, it's perfectly fair for an established member to tell the rest of us what he's up to. The way I see it, the closed thread that you're referring to was closed as the OP had a distinct agenda, that being to plug the band and that was all, other than giving us tour dates and asking for free accom. he had nothing else to say. Naige is a contributing member here, comments on many threads that have nothing to do with plugging his band......I think this affords him the right to talk about his music. Please elaborate.

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