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Default Re: Two new albums (death metal)

Originally Posted by Therma lobsterdore View Post
Yeah very true, he's more than just a high speed double bass player. Necrophagist are alright, very capable musicians but their not very good at writing songs. I prefer stuff like Ulcerate for my tech death, they know how to write good songs, when to slow down, when to use melody, dynamics etcettera. Jamie Saint Merat is an awesome drummer to...
I really enjoy Necrophagist, but that's got a lot to do with my classical background. Ulcerate is pretty killer as well, makes me feel like Neurosis meets Nile kinda. I really like Obscura as well, one of the best tech bands.

I went to see Cynic, Scale the Summit, and Devin Townsend Project the other night. I didn't like DTP's music recorded, but live.... it's incredible. All of those bands were killer. BTBAM was headlining... I ended up leaving during their set.
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