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Quote....Its the fans, that are the passionate ones, it is them that are Relgious, political, tribal etc... You only have to see how passioate the south american fans are about their teams, and them people go around shooting at each other, just becouase someone surports a differnt team to them.

It is this behavior that I say is childish, and to blame it on religion or politics is just an out for punkish, bullying behavior. It is this behavior that needs to be set aside on game day and let the better team win on that day. You will get another chance another day.

I quite agree, i take my three children with me to games, all under the age of 11 years old, the atmosphere is good, and they enjoy it, but when grown men start to swear out loud, and get violent, it makes them worried.

Yes that is very childish behaviour, and that really does have no place in football, espiscally where familys are sitting.

But at the same time, it is a fact of what football is in this country.

The section of crowd that are Childish manly sit in a certain part of the ground, i will sit at the complete opperstie end, but you will still get grown ups swearing their heads of, in front of their kids to.

I agree it is not very nice, and it is childish, but that is what the surporters bring to the game.

Not alot we can do about it, apart from not to turn up, but then surely the morans have won and decent people loose.

This years world cup, is going to be very interesting, i hope England do well after what i have posted in this thread.

3 Lions on your shirt.

Come on England.
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