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Default My band is heading into the studio - Updated May 25

Gotta generate hype wherever we can, eh? Apologies in advance for the self-pimpage ;-)

edit: May 25: The first single is released! see this post for details:

edit: Feb 25: Video blogs of the studio trip found at

PRESS RELEASE - Feb. 07, 2010

Lucky Lew heads into the studio to record their 2nd album

Rock band Lucky Lew from Bergen, Norway have spent the last two years perfecting their 2nd album. They're finally ready to record it, and this coming saturday the quartet hops on a plane to California to spend a month at RadioStar Studios working with star producer Sylvia Massy producing a rocking new album.

Lucky Lew - Left to right: Barillion (guitars), Svein Knutsen (bass), Villa:K (vocals), Eskil Sæter (drums)

After hearing a selection of the songs and sound Lucky Lew have produced, the American record producer was quick to offer her services and invit the band to her studio. And so the band leaves for USA to record their second album; to a small town called Weed in northern California.

The star producer have previously worked with bands like Tool, Foo Fighters, R.E.M., Bjork, Johnny Cash, Smashing Pumpkins, Animal Alpha, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Elton John and Skunk Anansie to name but a few.

RadioStar Studios - Weed, California.

"We are extremely proud of the songs we are bringing across the Atlanic," says singer Villa:K. "This is our best work to date, and we are really looking forward to presenting every one of these 12 tracks to the world".

Their music has come a fair way since their debut album was released in 2006. Guitar player Barillion says: "We have gone from a progressive sound to a much more straight and melodic rock n'roll. However, even though the stylistic direction may have changed, the Lucky Lew sound is still there. We know that many people may be surprised to hear this album, but we are still Lucky Lew"

The album is being released on Big Noisy Records in August, but the first single drops as early as May. The title has yet to be decided on, and the band says that they simply have too many tracks that have single potential. However, they believe the answer will give itself during the recording process.

However, until that time the band will be working hard in the studio for the next month; in RadioStar's Studio A, an old vaudevillian theatre from the 1920s.

Studio A, an old vaudevillian theatre.

Read more about the band and listen to promo samples at and the band's web site at Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter;

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