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Default Re: CZRCIE KOPYTO - best double bass pedal in the world

Originally Posted by Les Ismore View Post
Sorry, it does have a coil spring, so does TRICK, Speed King and Ghost... all coil springs.

Heel hinge bearings make it better than TRICK.
Yes but the Trick has a couple features that make it better than Devil's hoof. Looks like you have to remove the devil's hoof from the bass drum every time to adjust the spring tension. You can dial in your spring tension much faster on the trick without ever having to move the pedal. You can also adjust the distance of the entire drive assembly in relation to the drum head, one more adjustment in favor of the Trick. As far as the pin argument vs bearings in the heel hinge, that's a good point, theoretically, friction could be reduced even further by installing bearings there. It's totally subjective, but IMO compression spring action is better that stretch spring action. I have a few suggestions to improve on the Trick's design that come from competitor models: sonic hammer mallets like the axis AL-2's, a clip on the footboard to mount the "L" shaped drum key like the Pearl Demon, spurs, in addition to the industrial strength velcro, A docking station, like the Sonor Giant Steps that allow for quick mounting and dismounting from the bass drum hoops, and different configurations, specifically a left handed model and a middle double pedal like the Sonor gtep middle/ sleishman double or off-set.
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