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Default Re: CZARCIE KOPYTO - best double bass pedal in the world

Originally Posted by sinol View Post
CK is cheaper because it's making in Poland (only for order). If it was mass production in USA CK would cost two times more than axis I think.
Looks like somebody probably failed his economics class (and English class, no offense). Considering economies of scale, if you have 2 similar items, one hand made to order and one mass produced, the mass produced item will make it to market at a lower unit cost. It's cheaper in Poland because is manufactured there. Axis and Trick are more expensive in Poland because they are imported, subjected to shipping/ freight charges and tariffs that must be passed on to the customer. In the USA, that pedal would probably be more than $1000 for any of us to get our hands on it. Case in point, look how much it is to buy a Sonor Giant step double pedal here in the states. Trick and Axis blow away the Sonor for value.
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