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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Todd, I have more questions(it never ends)! I would be thankful if you would answer some more questions as well.
I want to try to make a living playing music, and I don't care where in the music scene it is.
Just as I long as I can make living doing something with music(it's a dream I have, and dreams make you keep going).
Right now I'm studying jazz at a music school in sweden. One of my teacher is Roy Okutani, and he was actually a teacher at Berklee for 11 years(1983-1994).
He's a great teacher and I get to play with him, just the two of us, once a week during my time at the school.
__________________________________________________ _____________

Anyway, I have plans to start to get to Stockholm(swedens capital) to begin a career, and I would really appreciate some tips
on how you started to get into the whole music scene. How it was like in the beginning.
Did you take a regular day job and tried to play with as many as you could during the rest of the day, or how did you do?
Did you pick up ads fom different bands in chicago and just made your way through?
I have some experience in singing on funerals. I know it sounds pretty sad, but it's actually very rewarding
considering that those near and dear to the one that died gets a good last farewell and all that. And I like that.

Btw, I wrote a letter to you to your homepage asking all the questions from my first posting on this forum,
and I didn't know that you answered my letter, thank you for answering it both on your site and on this forum.

I think that it's pretty cool that I can write to you lik this, considering that you're one of my absolute favourite drummers
(you share the 1st rank with Mike Portnoy, who get me starting playing drums).
It means a lot to me.

Cheers from cold sweden
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