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Default Re: Getting quite a few spam PM's

This is yet another of these 'virus' alerts I keep getting. As I said in the other thread as I'm concerned there's a simple solution. As I don't post here anymore wouldn't it be easier to take ME off the site rather the keep banning these whackos? Really I don't mind, I just drop in to look, I am not a contributing member.I've had issues with one the moderators here years ago, so it would be a good result all round.

Please just take me off Drummerworld, I really don't like getting these posts.

"You have received a new private message at DRUMMERWORLD OFFICIAL DISCUSSION FORUM from RazzorrMan, entitled "Please, take into account..".

Hello, friend. There are viruses' activities from your computer in last few days. Strongly recommend you to check your computer. You can find a report about your computer's security and solve every problem with it here: Husband;stellardrum;DrumDrum;jordanz;OZjazzer
Thank you. Forum member.
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