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Default Re: 2010 World Cup-South Africa

Originally Posted by rendezvous_drummer View Post
You can't understand that football is more than a game to some people? Celtic was created to give the Irish Catholics some hope and support whilst living in a protestant dominated area. Every football club has a purpose.

You root for Man U? Didn't you have a Liverpool picture up once?

And also, about your comment on players not caring about the politics in certain'd be quite surprised. Whether you like it or not.... Football is not just a game to most people, it's a way of life, and if you find that childish, then I feel very sorry for you.

The Liverpool avatar was a joke between myself and some other members last year. That's all. I'm not sure childish is the right word, but there are so many things in this world more important. I respect your opinion and your knowledge I'm sure is much better than mine, but still don't believe a player from Bosnia, with all of it's countries woes, has too much concern for the politics of Ireland or other European countries.
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