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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


It was a pleasure to meet you at NAMM. Thanks for coming by and saying hi---and thanks for the kind words! They are appreciated.


I hope you enjoy the CD. Like I said, that was done a long time ago but that was a memorable session. I had two Masterworks kits made in 2000 and one was on the road and the other was the home rig which I used for the DVD. The "new kit" I received in late '07 and is still on the road, and the "old" kit is now in our "B" rig on the road. We have fairly identical rigs, so we can do a show in Boston and then fly to LA and do something there and the gear is basically the same. Thanks for your support in the MD polls!


Glad you enjoyed the gig. You know, arenas are often difficult acoustically and vary from venue to venue. Our house engineer is really great and goes for a clean mix over head crushing volume. That being said, maybe he felt the venue was brutal on bass and it was down a touch---or perhaps 200 feet in another direction in the venue---the kicks were soft and the bass was crushing. That can happen where in different locations other things are predominant or lost. I can't speak for REO's mix, but it's interesting you had different sensations. And again thanks for coming and glad you enjoyed the gig!

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