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Default Re: 2010 World Cup-South Africa

I know the history and just don't understand the reasons. If that makes me ignorant, then so be it. American Football has its state to state and intra state rivalries, but none of this is based on religion. Sport is supposed to be fun and a diversion from everyday life, not one's life. If that is the way of life in Britian, then rather than perpetuate it, the citizens should be working to overcome it or change it. I understand the problems of Northern Ireland but not enough to take sides. It seems to me that for two hours on a Saturday or Sunday that 30 guys or whatever the team limits are, could let that rest. That's my opinion and shall be forever. Sorry.

P.S. I root for Man U. I guess that make me a bad guy too. Oh well.
P.S.S. From what I see watching the Premier League the players are from all over the world. Americans play in the Premier League, Czechs, Romanians, Russians, Brazilians, and on and on. I doubt very much if they care about the politics of Ireland or Scotland when they take the field. To them it is about the game and the money.
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