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Default Re: 2010 World Cup-South Africa

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
I would say that if you can't talk about football and your team and how well they are playing, without including religion or politics, then you have a problem and it is time to grow up and learn to separate things.
I'm sorry, but this is pretty ignorant of you to say something like this. Football is not like American football. Politics (and yes, sometimes religion) go hand in hand with majority of the football clubs. Celtic FC was founded by Brother Walfrid, an Irish Catholic brother to be exact. He wanted to have a club in Glasgow for the Irish Catholic population, where as Rangers FC was founded for the British Protestants. I'm sure you've heard about the troubles of Northern Ireland...often times, these two clubs are affiliated with the two oppositions. You can imagine the hate between these two clubs..

Apparently you're a liverpool supporter, so I would've expected you to know your history. Don't talk about something of which you have no clue about. And please, don't say that politics have no place in football, because you'll be proven wrong. Know your history.

Although I don't really agree with SUFC loyal about his prediction in the WC, banning him about speaking his mind on a matter of which he is bringing up valid arguments is ridiculous. Just proves to show that most North Americans don't know anything about Football. You think that it's just a sport, when in reality, and this may come as a shock to you or may seem "childish", but it is a way of life. Both of you, Gruntersdad and Nhzoso, need to grow up and stop being so narrow minded.
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