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Default Re: What do you make of this quote?

I was about to quote almost every post because I ve read alot of interesting responses. I love everyones thoughts here... I think "we" can all agree that music is a common ground and that when some guy says " People dont like music" its just a statement from someone who has had an issue with his experiences and is looking to place the blame on anyone other than himself.

Obviously the entire world loves and and has loved music in one way or another... Fads dont last, but evolve.. Bla bla bla(another ramble deleted)... But I know that I have been somewhat biased towards what I like and what I listen to...

My job right now is being a chauffuer(?) for a very nice guy who listens to nothing but hip hop or rap or R n B.... He pays me so I let him pick the music, and thats fine. I ve heard the new Lil Wayne CD about 20 times now and I hear nothing but the music played in the background, and while I hate it I love hearing something new that I would never have heard if he had not played it...

So the one day I had to use my own car to drive my friend Kahhar to pick up his daughter in Philly I happened to have Incubus playing, it was MY vehicle so I played MY tunes LOL... I had the one song from "Morning View" playing... the one with the Asian accents and sitars(Aquaeus Transmission?) and when he heard it, he asked me...."Who is this, this is the @#$%!!!"
I said its Incubus... he said "Damn I never heard of them!".... I offered to make a cd of mixed tunes from all the Incubus albums... He is now a fan of Incubus and I have listened to and learned a few songs from Lil Wayne....Very unexpected but appreciated nonetheless.

Its crazy how you can find something that really speaks to you but has been hidden because of a lack of exposure, whether its by choice or chance, its there and waiting to be heard by anyone that will listen... If there s someone out there that hates music, they just arent listening... Sorry to them, cus' they re missin I have recently learned.
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