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Default Re: Point of View - Behavior of Band Members at Gig

It looks like ego city from where I'm sitting, with them hoping to impress everyone with their dazzling versatility. Ideally, they should have checked with the rest of the band and the bassist certainly should have asked if he could use the drums.

Aside from the arrogance, they were gambling that their spontaneous carry-on would work well enough not to sound totally lame as compared with the band proper. I can imagine a brief bit of clowning around being fun for a certain kind of audience, with the emphasis on brief.

I'd be inclined to quietly scan the "Drummers wanted" ads because that pair look like they are a team and have more regard for each other than the rest of the band, and the the guitarist definitely has more regard for himself. Maybe it's worth getting in first before they split to do their own thing?
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