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OK, here are some acrylics I put together myself. I bought the shells without bearing edges or any mounting holes of anykind from the vendor that sells to Ludwig, Pork Pie, Spaun etc. I used to be sponsored by Ludwig many years ago, so I had boxes of hardware (Lugs, tom holders,etc). I presently have my own cabinet shop with more industrial machinery than you can imagine. I cut the bearing edges with a special diamond router bit at a specified speed as to not cause a burning or melting of the acrylic in a shaper with an adapter for router bits and then polished the edges to a glass finish with special micron paper and a variable speed polisher and compound. I then drilled the holes for lugs, vents, leg mounts with bits specially devised for drilling acrylic and chamfered the backside of the holes with a rosebud countersink so there would be no cracking in the future. I purchased vulcanized 1/16" thick rubber for gaskets and applied the hardware using brass hardware (Screws and washers). The bass drums are 22x16, rack toms are 10x8, 12x9, floors are 14x14 and 16x16. The snare is a Ludwig 6 1/2x14 brass supersensative. All hardware is Ludwigs top of the line series except for the hi-hat stand which is a gibraltar ultra-adjust. Cymbals are mix of Zildjians, Sabian and Paiste. The hi hats are 13" Zildjian mastersounds.
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