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Default Re: Springsteen sues local bar owner for copyright infringement

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Hey this a relatively new thing in Oz? I played in various cover bands up until several years ago and never once submitted a set list to either APRA or the venue for this purpose. Never gave it a seconds thought to be honest. Was it always in place but has been largely ignored, or has it come about in the time that I've not been playing live?
Depending on the situation the venue nearly always pays APRA and the band doesn't worry about it. In some situations (say the band was playing at a private wedding, maybe at a chapel/someone's house where there usually isn't live music) it gets very difficult, in which case I believe it's still the venue/organizers responsibility to buy a one-off license.

Definitely worth calling up your local APRA office to talk to someone about it, otherwise search out a music lawyer or similar and they can put you in the right direction.

Originally Posted by nhoza
LOL, where does it stop? I mean really how many rules and regulations can we have? The Music Police???? really? just what the world needs.. I swear every time I hear these we are the world (save Haiti) BS gatherings I think of crap like this.

These big time ego maniac musicians are in it just for the almighty $, and if you think differently than you are sorely mistaken. I for one am happy you guys did what you did. Pay some greedy talentless hack money for playing the radio (a free public service BTW) in your restaurant. Pffft, I don;t think so. No wonder why music interest is fading. Not much difference between a politician and a professional musician nowadays.(Good job lars)

Of course I don't mean every single pro musician so save the you can't lump every one into the same jar BS argument for someone who has not heard it before.
Not really sure that this requires a response but I'd consider thinking about your fellow musicians before making blanket statements like this. APRA/ASCAP are here to benefit MUSICIAN'S, whether you're Springsteen, Brad Mehldau, the Arctic Monkeys or the guy who plays at your local pub on a Friday night. Without organizations like this musicians across the world would be in a much worse place.

Haiti is a completely different kettle of fish and I really don't think it requires discussion.
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