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Default Re: 2010 World Cup-South Africa

Originally Posted by sufc.loyal View Post

No disrespect.

But there is lots of political and relegious tension, between many football clubs around the world, not least Glasgow Rangers and Glasgow Celtic.

So to talk about these two football clubs, and their football, you are infact talking about their Politics and religion.

Football is a very tribal thing, it is fact (sounds stupid) but it is your clan, your tribe, your family.

Which is why there was so much football violance during the 80's here in the UK. it was your young "warriors" wanting to prove to other clubs that theirs was the best in aspects. on and of the pitch. Which i do not codone.

Netherlands, i love the sea of orange shirts in the stands, brillient, but you will be second best to the English squad.
I would say that if you can't talk about football and your team and how well they are playing, without including religion or politics, then you have a problem and it is time to grow up and learn to separate things.
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