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Default Re: Springsteen sues local bar owner for copyright infringement

I remember way back when in the early eighties. I was helping a friend of mine run a small Mexican restaurant. One eve, a guy walked in and he said that we had to stop playing the radio in the dinning room unless we paid royalties to ASCAP.
We thought that he was a freak or something. We didn't believe him. We took him out back and we beat the crap out of him like we used to do to all of the freaks that came into the joint. An hour later a cop walked in and we were arrested for assault. Apparently we had broken one of this guys ribs and his nose. Oh Well! Do-Do Happens!
We had to call in some favors from some Low Friends In High Places to get out of that one!
We didn't do any time but we had to pay that jerks hospital bill.
That was my first introduction to ASCAP.
I kind of like old drums:)
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