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Default Re: Springsteen sues local bar owner for copyright infringement

Originally Posted by nhzoso View Post
Well I doubt they are non-profit, sounds like they need to have some good high priced lawyers on retainer to enforce this. Which there is no way they can fully enforce it. I live in NH and I don't remember seeing anything ascap stickers anywhere, they probably only worry about it in big city major bars, which if you want to get into the big time I imagine you have to play these clubs anyway so why not start learning to pay your dues : )
You may not see the stickers, but it's NOT just a big city thing.

But ASCAP and BMI mostly work behind the scenes, which is why most people have little clue as to what they do. But if it wasn't for them, most song writers of the last 80 or so years would be flat broke.
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