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Default Re: Football v American Football

Originally Posted by Pavlos View Post
Now there's some wise words. In some ways hockey is like soccer, only it's tougher, faster and more difficult. And the players don't dive and fake injuries all the time.

Wow. You're not still bitter about the Hand of God are you? lol I think you need an instigator penalty. Or maybe just dive and get a yellow card.

And what the F is "contrvesall" ?
I remember so so clearly, that moment Maradonna, hand balled the ball into the back of the net, going banannas round a friends hand, is not a good thing.

And how on earth does he have the front to say it was the hand of God..

It is liking carrying out a really bad crime, aqgainst a nation and saying that God made you do it.

Come to think of it, have i not heard that before just recently. daja vos.

And yes i cannot spell, i am a really bad speller, dictionarys are no good to me, as if i do not know how to spell the word in the 1st place, i dont know what i am looking for.

But still life, life goes on

I also hate, divers in football, fakers. Most football fans hate it, and will let the players know it but they still carry on. Mainly the europeans which do that, not the players from Britian..
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