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Default Point of View - Behavior of Band Members at Gig

I played a gig last nite with band I've been with for past 6 months or so...Not sure if any bearing here, but, I'm 54 years old, Bass player / Vocals - 38, Lead Guitar - 24, Rhythm Guitar / Vocal 25...We get along pretty good and age doesn't seem to be of consequence...Anyways, Last nite, our Rhytym / Vocals member started evening off with his own acoustic set of 3 numbers...I have mixed feelings about this as I think if we're a band, we should play together...We finished our 1st set and ready to take break when audience member requests song and Rhthym / Vocals says "Yeah, Okay...One more and then take break"...Bass Player and myself said "No...After break" which was all good...Then during break, not even 2 minutes into it, Rhytym / Vocals gets up on stage and starts doing his "Heavy" guitar thing...Psychedelia...So, not at lowest of volumes...Then, Bass Player gets up there too and starts playing my kit...He is not a Drummer...Can keep time, sort off...In your opinion...Is this unprofessional and attention seeking or is this acceptable in "This day and age".?.Gig was at a bar with about 50 people..Some patrons didn't seem to mind and others weren't impressed...Caught me off guard as I'd never experienced this back in the day (70's)...What you people think.?.
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