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Since I'm new to the DW forum, IDK how popular E-kits are. I do a fair amount of DIY on them. I mod'd Yami PCY135 & 155's to work as three zone cymbals with Roland modules (that support three zones). The result is cymbal for less than half the price and IMO works a little better. The only quirk is choking the edge doesn't kill a bell sound. But I never choke a bell anyway.

I also built a variable hi hat controller that has been going strong for a long time. Cost is about $20 to make. Add this contoller and one of the Yami PCY135 cymbals and you have an excellent alternative to a Roland VH-12 for less than $150 new. Just thought I'd throw these out there to see if there's any interest, or maybe it's old news to this board.
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