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Default Re: How Do You Put An MP3 On The Internet?

I figured out how to do it as a QuickTime Player movie. Mac Style because you and I have Macs.
I opened QuickTime and I loaded an mp3 from iTunes into it. (I selected open file from the QuickTime file menu. I then chose the mp3 from my iTunes music library)
I saved it to my desktop as a QuickTime movie. (In essence, I turned the mp3 into a movie of the player using QuickTime)
I attached the movie to this post with the paper clip.
The version that you OPd about with the black background is the Windows Movie style.

I hope that this helps you!
I have the latest version of QuickTime Player. I use it for recording right onto my desk top. You can even trim the unwanted beginnings and endings from the recording before saving it.
I can also play Windows Media files using QuickTime with an extension program that I loaded called Flip for Mac.
Are you running Snow Leopard as your operating system? If no, you should upgrade.
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