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Default Re: Billy Ward here!

Hey Billy

Just want to say I'm anxious about receiving Big Time soon! Boy I can feel it now ;)

I'm a huge Sucherman fan and in M&M he recommended very highly delving into Jazz also as a rock-drummer! ...I figured "Billy Ward" is clearly the way to go for that matter!!

I know Big Time isn't probably going to much into the Jazz thing (I assume that, that is) but I think it's just right to get to know you and your playing a little bit more...

And there's always "Voices", right?!

Thanks Billy!

About to find the Jazz in me...

from Bavaria

Hey Billy...

I'm just as everyone else hit in the heart...and don't know what to say but to offer my condolences.

This isn't a perfect world. STAND TALL, Billy!

All the best from this part of the planet...

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