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Sorry, but i just don't buy the whole "adjusted for inflation" argument. First of all, i have seen all of those movies, GWTW, star wars, Titanic. Not to take away from any of those, because they're all great. Avatar was IMO an awesome flick. What's wrong with turning the brain off for 3 hours and just sitting back and enjoying a movie? All of these yahoo trolls who claim they know what a "great movie" is and that Avatar is not one is just hogwash. If you think you can do better than James Cameron, by all means, go make a movie and I'll buy a ticket. I'm going to think outside the box for just a minute and throw this out there: It's HARDER to make "the highest grossing film of all time" these days even accounting for inflation. They said no one would EVER beat Titanic's tally. Why? Because movies get released to DVD 120 days after their theatrical run begins. It's getting faster as the years go by. There is no way you can tell me the number of fans who saw Gone with the Wind or Star Wars or Titanic by dividing the adjusted mean ticket price into the historical world wide gross because nobody knows haw many times fans watched them during their theatrical release. I can guarantee that the most hardcore Avatar Fanboi has only seen it a fraction of the number of times that uber-Star Wars geeks saw Star Wars or a fraction of the number of times that Leonardo groupies watched Titanic. I remember watching the Star Wars documentaries with people interviewed who had seen it 17 times, 33 times, 58 times and counting, etc etc. Realistically, do you think anyone is going to watch Avatar in theaters more than 2-3 times? It's not gonna happen. The biggest hardcore fan is going to run out and snap up the Blue-ray as soon as it's released, say May 1st or so? Come on, people, the entire world is in a recession, who has money to waste to watch Avatar more than 3 times in theaters? That's what impresses the hell out of me about this latest box office hit. Naysayers can adjust for inflation all they want, I'm thinking there's a good chance that Avatar already IS the most popular movie of all time. If you want to compare apples to apples, add the video/ dvd/ blue-ray sales to theatrical takes and then we'll see which one is truly box office champ.
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