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Default Re: James Cameron's Avatar

Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
Because avatar doesnt deserve to be compared to a movie as bad as star wars. Star wars was 110% nothing but visuals for its time. Do you ever wonder why only ONE actor from the star wars movies ever really went on to real success? its because the acting was awful, the writing was horrendous, and the characters were flat and boring.
lol. That's funny since the exact opposite is true. The writing for the original 3 Star Wars was vastly superior to Avatar. Plus Star Wars had established stars like Alec Guiness and Peter Cushing as well as future megastar Harrison Ford. More than just one actor.

Star Wars worked on multiple levels. Avatar only offers visuals which many like and some don't.

Does Avatar have even one line of dialogue that is as memorable or ingrained into our culture as "May the force be with you?"


Plus Star Wars had way better music. John Williams rocks!
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