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Default Re: Today I lived and went to heaven

I feel like I won some sort of raffle or prize from a radio station. It's just incredible. It's left an indelible mark on me. The experience as it was only six hours long so I'm sort of limited on additional details. It certainly was a privilege to hang out with these people. Two of the hours they were working but the rest of the time was talking about life, cracking jokes...just a really good time. Herbie is a really warm and congenial fellow with a hearty laugh. He like to have a good time, even when he's working.

I learned a few musical ideas from just listening to the conversation. It seems like they always search for words to convey their ideas but the words don't exist. So they struggle and stutter and pause. But still, everyone understands the intention. Sort of a musical understanding I guess.

Another valuable thing I got out of it was a sense of perspective. Here we are in a multimillion dollar studio (a legendary one with gold and platinum records all over the place...from real artists like The Stones and Tom Petty). It costs several thousand a day to rent out. Then you have the producer to pay, the recording engineer, the house engineer and the drummer. So lets just say they spent $15K to lay drums for one track on one album. WHOA! In light of that, it's truly a crime to download music.
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