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Default Re: Which thing inspire you a lot ..?

What inspires me? Hard to say really. I'm not too inspired today. I was going to practice but cannot be bothered. I have to play later anyway.

I think in general though from a practice standpoint it has been other people who have inspired me. Great drummers of all kinds, my teachers and friends. Lately it has been a very good friend and drummer who wants me to teach less and perform more. Seeing as he is one of the busiest drummers around it is inspiring to have him in my corner. Were it not for him I would not have played last weekend.

In general life what inspired me most was sheer desperation. Desperation to survive taught me a great deal. Had I not been so inspired it is likely I would have died. I very nearly did on a few occassions.

I was inspired to educate myself by a boyhood friend who told me I was intelligent and should read. I left school early at 7 or 8 so had to make up much ground.

I think it all comes down to people.
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