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Default Re: Football v American Football

Originally Posted by sufc.loyal View Post
Point Taken Bobdadruma.

Like wise, there has been input into our country for the introdution of AF, it has been taken up by certain sectors of the public, but our national sport is football, for which many a surpporter is passionate, sometimes to the point of ridiculous.

The only thing i would say about football, is it is not just euro football, but world football, where all of south America, Africa, europe, united kingdom. Russia, Bulgon States, middle east countries, Asia, all play the game, where the world cup, really is all countys around the world united in one compertition for the world cup.

This time being held in South Affrica 2010..
Some of our American sports fans are also ridiculous. This is a phenomenon that has seemed to grow more and more since I was a kid. These fans for the most part color our sporting events. They paint their faces and bodies. They go shirtless in low temp weather, etc. We have these crazy fans too. We don't, (surprisingly enough) have a problem with violence at our games. There are exceptions though. We have had a few fan celebration riots that have resulted in a few deaths. The thing that amazes me is that the fans from opposing teams can sit together in the stands during a game with almost no confrontations. America is known for violence throughout the world but sporting events seem to bring us together for the most part. We seem to have a respect for each other at these events. We will give each other the finger and cut each other off with our cars to get to the stadium. But once the game starts, we tolerate each other.
We also, being a melting pot nation, have many citizens that do watch sporting events from around the world. We tolerate that also.
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