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Originally Posted by JarodMaybern View Post
I like how you bring your dad's achievements into this...actually no I don't.
How old are you? I usually expect europeans to be a little more controlled and respectable since some usually talk down on us about our ways (like you) but you've completely blown my assumption all to hell. I find your ridiculous points in this argument rather amusing like I find comical TV shows...I don't take them seriously.

I sincerely laughed out loud when I read "He teaches the hard men to be tough" LOL

Call me an europeoan, No, I live on island away from europe.

My age, well i am over 40.

Ridiculous. YES, Spent to many years building a bussiness and having to be serious all the time, becouse that is what people expect, and rightly so.

Being serious all the time is not good for the body, being stupid, dumb or rediculous, is a good stress releif, serious people / stressed people pay good money to achive the rediculous.

Glad you find my comments ammussing, as that was the intention, to make someone smile maybe. (maybe not you, but maybe someone else)..

Surely you are not that stupid to think that comment i made was serious one.
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