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Default Re: Football v American Football

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Yes indeed, here in the great southern land it is referred to as FOOTY!!!!!!

Careful GD or we'll claim you as an honorary Aussie like we do with just about anyone who has heard the first three bars of Waltzing Matilda. Yep 30 min quarters of kicking, hand passing, marking (catching), tackling and running (some of our on-ball players can notch up 30 to 40 km's a game) fact, this has just reminded me of why I gave up playing!
So the big question is just what is Waltzing Matilda? Well Matilda is the name given to the nap sack carried by the bums and rail travelers. Waltzing Maltilda is the song sung as they leave one town headed to the next. Now back to your regularly scheduled program.
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