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Originally Posted by nhzoso View Post
WOW . You obviously know nothing of AF, why your so envious of it I don;t understand. I mean I could understand if you knew the game and made a somewhat intelligent informed opinion but wow bro.. you are looking kinda dumb the more you post. How is the air way up there on your high horse by the way? is it warmer or cooler? Just curious..
Dont really care of your opinions.

If you look back at my previous post, you wil notice that i have mentioned i know sweet FA about AF. try reading previous posts, may help you, and yes i may appear dumb with my comments, as i do not know the game, apart from there is alot of time outs.

But so what, does that mean that becouse i know FA about the game that that i cant comment about it wheather it be wrong or right, intellegent or not.

You think that mate, you can stick your head were the sun dont shine, i will make any comment i want (within reason), about anything i want (within reason) for the sites purposes.

I would rarther appear dumb and and have the right to make a dumb comment, than be intellegent, and be scared to voice my opinion, because someone on a thread wants to appear clever.

The air up here, by the way BRO, is the same as any air that hard working people breath, every breath is struggle.

I started this thread as i new, it would be entertaining, and that it has proved to be. Many opioions, good, bad, DUMB or ingtelligent.

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