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Originally Posted by finnhiggins
Eh, I just really can't take the whole approach. It all seems very stiff and intellectualised, while similarly dense and complex playing like you'll see out of Danny Carey or Thomas Haake has more flow, purpose and passion. IMHO.

They have clearly ripped off Tool, RATM and Pantera though ;)

I think you have to credit him with a lot more than potential these days, he's something of a legend in a way that Portnoy certainly isn't yet. Peart defined a style of playing, if anything Portnoy has merely refined it a little.
well u dont no much, they havent ripped of any band...

they make the same kind of music, and portnoy has recreated the old, which the younger generation havnt heard much of, and brought it to them, think of it as covering up old music by making it sound new, if it wasnt for dt i wouldnt never of nown about rush or tool... BUT one thing that we can all be sure about it, that dt are better than tool and ratm because there still together!!!!
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