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Default Re: Football v American Football

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Well as a kid, or you still might be, you proberly played kids rugby (Rugby League or touch Rugby) as we do here for our kids under 12, as the game adults play (Union) is far to dangerous for kids to play, as we run at each other head on, without pads.

With rugby, the player that you see, is what you get, not like AF were the 8' giant of a player, is actually 5'1" with all his padding removed.

WOW . You obviously know nothing of AF, why your so envious of it I don;t understand. I mean I could understand if you knew the game and made a somewhat intelligent informed opinion but wow bro.. you are looking kinda dumb the more you post. How is the air way up there on your high horse by the way? is it warmer or cooler? Just curious..
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