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Why would padding be required, it's not like they run full speed into each other. Just a bunch of tackling and poking each other in the eye from what I gather, we used to play that when we were kids here and called it smear the queer or Muckle, it's not that rough. Since you refuse to make an intelligent post regarding Football I guess I will return the favor
Well as a kid, or you still might be, you proberly played kids rugby (Rugby League or touch Rugby) as we do here for our kids under 12, as the game adults play (Union) is far to dangerous for kids to play, as we run at each other head on, without pads.

With rugby, the player that you see, is what you get, not like AF were the 8' giant of a player, is actually 5'1" with all his padding removed.

I would try and talk about the basics behind the off side rule in FOOTBALL but for some it may be to taxing for you to grasp.
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