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Default Two new albums (death metal)

A few weeks ago I picked up two albums at my local store. I had waited a long time to pick these up, but right after Christmas I could afford it.

Dying Fetus - Descend into Depravity
This is an interesting album, I literally think it's one of the best death metal albums to grace my ears ever. It's brutal, fast, and unrelenting. It really shows that John Gallagher is only getting better with time. It also shows that Trey Williams is one of the most astounding and enduring drummers of our time. Maybe not advancing the craft but definitely showing what can be done with what's there today. Sean Beasley is also pulling out all of the stops, he shows some of the most technical bass playing and most politically charged lyrics of all time. This is a meaningful album if you're willing to listen to what's being said.

Nile - Those whom the gods detest
You want fast, we've got fast. This album is blinding, but also incredibly technical. Breakdowns driving from incredible speed to excessively slow drags. George Kollias takes death metal drumming to the next level all together with exacting technique and fills that combine a range of dynamic experiences with alternating rhythms. Dallas and Karl are, as usual, constantly reinventing what it means to be a guitarist, showing some of the best technical ability of our time. Sweeping patterns in this album take on a whole new definition as a true part of the music and not just frill. This is an album to look out for.
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