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Originally Posted by Simbe
The kit in the picture looks like a RTC, the badge and the long lugs + cymbal tilters. Really cool custom? finish on it! That picture is from the GNR era, you can see a member of GNR in the background.
Yes sorry about that, your right. That is with GNR, you can see Dizzy Reed in the background. I failed to see him when I first looked at the photo! He used that perticular kit live in the very early days when he was with GNR (early 1991?).

Originally Posted by Simbe
I think that it's not as important which drums you play after developing some touch on the instrument. Matt sounds like himself on every brand of a drum set.
That is so true.

Originally Posted by Simbe
I remember that Matt Sorum reunited with The Cult after quitting G'N'R. Did they release some albums also?
He reunited with The Cult around 2000 I think. He made one album with them, "Beyond Good and Evil". Its a pretty good album so I've heard, I haven't listened to it though. That is the first Cult album Matt drummed on, he had only performed live with them in the 80s.

Originally Posted by Simbe
So... which Cult albums should I get?
I would get the Greatest Hits collection from them titled "Pure Cult (Best Of The Cult)", I have it and its excellent. If you want a studio album I would also recommend "Sonic Temple", its their best album.

I might order the live dvd that they have out from 2001, its supposed to be very good. Another good chance to see Matt in action once again too!

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